January 27, 2023 Founders Note 001

001: A Note From the Founders

We created Parable to demystify brain health and make braincare simple. This is the goal that informs our day-to-day business decisions, but the mission we built our company around is to help people human well. 

“Humaning” isn’t just a word we made up. It’s a concept that holds deep meaning for us. Living isn’t always easy, and we believe we do the greatest good when we help each other out with the art of being human. 

Stories are how we make sense of the human experience; a parable is a story that makes a complicated truth simple – often with a focus on living mindfully or ethically. At its best, a parable helps us see a greater truth in a way that’s relevant, memorable, and impactful. Our truth is making braincare meaningful in our daily lives in service of a greater goal: helping us all to human well.

Parables are stories rooted in lived experiences. So, on Fridays, one of us will share about what’s happening in our own lives, anchored in this idea of humaning well (or trying to). Please consider these weekly emails an invitation to join us on this messy, beautiful, confusing, joyful journey that is the human experience.

Thanks for joining us.