About Us

We believe human is a verb.

Forget optimization – we're here to human well.

Our brains have needs. To truly care for them, we need to support them at the source – we don’t need to hack, boost, or focus the brain into submission. Quick fixes (from caffeine and sugar to nootropics and sleep aids) address the symptoms of a neglected brain, but they’re not doing us any favors in the long run.  

The brain is at the center of everything we do – and we want to help more people maintain a healthy brain for life. We believe braincare should be a simple part of our everyday routine, as standard as brushing our teeth.

We created Parable so more of us can care for our brains easily and effectively. Because when we feel well, we're simply better at the art of being human – and that’s what we’re here to do, after all.

Reach out. We're listening.

A parable is an accessible story that makes deep truths relatable and complicated matters easy to understand. This is at the heart of our mission: to simplify and demystify braincare so we can connect to ourselves and others more fully.

At Parable, we each have our own stories of why brain health matters – and we know you do, too. We'd love to hear from you. Send us a note at founders@thinkparable.com.

Cristina Poindexter & Brian McGrath Davis

The Brains Behind Daily™
David Kennedy
PhD, Neuroscience

Scientific Advisor & Researcher

Amy Bader
ND, Naturopathic Medicine

Medical Advisor

Con Stough
PhD, Neuroscience

Advisor, Researcher, Formulator

Cristina Poindexter
Brian McGrath Davis
Robin Puskas
MFA, Culinary Arts

Culinary Formulator