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Support at the Source

Developed by neuroscientists, Daily™'s holistic formulation supports three key aspects of brain health: cognitive, mental, and neural health.*

Based in powdered oat milk, Daily™ provides the brain with key nutrients that can be hard to get from diet alone. Its high-quality, clinically-studied ingredients are represented in safe and effective doses and formats – nothing trendy or unnecessary.

By providing support at the source, Daily™ goes beyond addressing the signs of a neglected brain – such as fogginess, forgetfulness, and fatigue – and cares for the brain itself.*

Specifically formulated to help you with:

Brain Fog*
Brain Fog*

Certified Gluten-Free


No Added Sugar

Clinically-Studied Ingredients

Our brains are working harder than ever. 

We live in a time of unprecedented cognitive demand. Digital distractions, information overload, task switching, and constant decision making all place an undue burden on the brain, leaving it depleted and overtaxed.

Brain fog, stress, burnout, and fatigue are the norm.

But they’re not normal. These are the signs of a neglected brain, one that needs intentional support and key nutrients – not bandaids and quick fixes.

The right nutrition provides the brain with the support it needs.

Nutrition is the foundation of a healthy brain. The brain is our most nutrient-hungry organ – and the one most easily impacted by a poor diet. Daily™ makes it easier to get nutrients our brains need to think, feel, and be well every day.*

Blend, sip, and human well.

Based in powdered oat milk (that’s just oats, by the way), Daily™ blends well with hot and cold drinks. Simply add one scoop to your morning beverage of choice.

Your first order comes with Parable’s electric whisk. Our studies show it's way more fun than a spoon.


Daily was designed for long-term brain health. In a clinical study using Daily’s formulation, participants found support for brain fog, occasional anxiety, focus, working memory, and mental fatigue within a month of consistent, everyday use. Clinical studies on individual ingredients within the Daily formulation give further evidence to these benefits.

If you’re an adult who wants to take care of your brain, Daily™ is for you. Our mission is to demystify brain health and make braincare simple and effective for as many people as possible. That said, the average brain begins to atrophy around age 30, so we designed Daily™ with the midlife adult in mind. This is a period of life when braincare is essential.

Yes. All ingredients in Daily™ are safe. While the FDA does not require supplement manufacturers to conduct clinical trials, such studies are part of business-as-usual at Parable. Daily™’s formulation has been tested in a clinical study conducted by an independent research organization – and each of its ingredients has a vast literature of clinical evidence. Our research is ongoing, so if you’re interested in learning the latest about our clinical studies, please reach out to support@thinkparable.com for updates.

Yes. Our team conducts extensive testing of every batch of Daily to guarantee it meets Parable specifications and exceeds industry standards. This testing verifies the identity and potency of the main constituents in our botanicals – requirements for efficacy. Each batch of Daily also undergoes strict quality testing to safeguard against microorganisms, heavy metals, gluten, caffeine, and major food allergens. Our manufacturing facility is certified GMP and adheres to the industry’s highest quality control standards.

Additionally, Daily’s formulation has been tested in a clinical study conducted by an independent research organization – and each of its ingredients has a vast literature of clinical evidence. Our research is ongoing, so if you’re interested in learning the latest about our clinical studies, please reach out to support@thinkparable.com for updates.

Based in powdered oat milk (that’s just oats, by the way), Daily™ blends well with hot and cold drinks – such as coffee, tea, and smoothies – and can also be added to foods once they’re ready to eat. Tinkering is encouraged! Try adding Daily™ to your oatmeal, sprinkling it atop your pancakes, or whisking it into a mug of matcha. Some people enjoy it simply added to hot water (#Dailytea). Play around with a few different preparations to find what works best for you. However you take it, we recommend trying Daily™ in the morning so you can observe how your body responds to it.

Daily™ is intended to be added to drinks or food, so we designed it to be as flavorless as possible. It’s likely you won’t notice it at all, but those of us with more sensitive palates (hello, supertasters) might pick up slightly earthy or botanical notes.

Nope. While a nootropic is technically a substance that improves cognitive function, the term has increasingly become associated with drugs and supplements that promise to boost the brain’s performance, as if it were a piece of software. A few of Daily™’s ingredients may be found in nootropic products, but we included them in Daily™ for long-term health benefits, not quick-fix performance boosts. Brain health is a matter of nourishment and long-term care – not optimizing, hacking, or focusing the brain into submission. We don’t think that approach is all that healthy.

As its name suggests, Daily is intended for everyday use. Each resealable pouch contains a month’s supply (31 servings) and comes with a portioned measuring scoop. Why every day? Like a morning walk or a good night’s sleep, providing your brain with key nutrients works best as a daily practice. Daily makes it simple to ensure your brain is getting nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

Great question. Daily™’s eight active ingredients – curcumin, green tea extract, ginseng, lemon balm, phosphatidylserine, vitamin B6, vitamin B9, and vitamin B12 – are nutritional powerhouses. To ensure their potency, we sought them out in their most bioavailable and biologically active forms; additionally, we included them in doses that clinical studies back as effective.

Both of these steps tend to be rare in the supplement industry. Committing to this level of efficacy does make our product more expensive than some other braincare supplements out there, but we think it's well worth it in order to get these nutrients in the forms our brains need.

We like to think about it this way: At less than $3 a serving, Daily™ provides more value to our health long-term than, say, a fancy latte every morning or a sugary gummy every night.

We’re so glad you asked! One of Daily™’s active ingredients is curcumin (a.k.a. turmeric), which is well-known for its deep golden color. The high potency curcumin in Daily™ is responsible for its distinctive shade – and can lend beverages a golden hue, too. This is safe and to be expected. But, a word to the wise: Curcumin has been known to stain, so blend carefully.

Curious to learn more? Visit our FAQs or reach out to support@thinkparable.com.

The Brains Behind Daily™

Daily was formulated by a team of neuroscientists who literally wrote the book – or at least the scientific studies – on nutrients’ effects on the brain.

David Kennedy
PhD, Neuroscience

Scientific Advisor & Researcher

Robin Puskas
MFA, Culinary Arts

Culinary Formulator

Con Stough
PhD, Neuroscience

Advisor, Researcher, & Formulator

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14 January 2023
Debe B.

My memory and cognition are back

A few months ago I was having trouble finishing a task or a sentence – I really had to stop what I was doing and focus in order to remember the next step or find the words I needed. I’d never experienced anything like that before, and I was quite anxious and frightened. After faithfully taking Daily™ for a couple of weeks, my memory and cognition are back. I feel sharp, am able to focus, and I’m back to 100% (or more!) of my productivity. I love this product so much. I even notice a difference if I miss a dose. I’ve told all of my friends and acquaintances about the dramatic change that has transpired. Thank you!!

28 November 2022
Kara P.

100% recommend

I would 100% recommend this product to friends & family. It's extremely effective and helps with so many different facets of brain health that I genuinely can’t imagine why a person wouldn’t want to take it. Daily™ should be a household product.

07 February 2023
Christine C.

My humanity and kindness never let up!

I hadn't been drinking coffee or Parable for a week (during my bday cruise travels), and today was my first day back on my daily habit of coffee and Parable. My goodness, it supercharged me with an incredibly focused and more importantly positive day. You know how sometimes you're focused but sort of sharp elbowed? My humanity and kindness never let up; in fact it was the combination of productivity and lifting others that surprised me.

Rethink what matters most.

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